Most small enterprises succeed because they bring unique products and ideas to the marketplace and often are more responsive than larger companies. The ability to make decisions and solve problems on the fly is the essence of the small operation. To thrive, they need unique people with singular skills and experience. And attracting and keeping such talent takes more than a good paycheck. Welcome to the customized benefits package era.

Helping protect small business and law firms

YorkStreet Financial Inc. is a group broker specializing in the employee benefits and pension/group RRSP needs of small businesses and law firms. We offer a sophisticated product mix and a refined level of service.

About YorkStreet Financial

YorkStreet Financial was established in 2003 by David J. Reckin, a seasoned insurance industry professional. David’s experience in the financial services sector spans some thirty years. During that time he built a life insurance and estate planning practice to service lawyers, business owners and senior executives of corporations. In launching YorkStreet Financial, David has matched his own expertise with that of several other industry professionals to enable YorkStreet Financial to offer client focused employee benefits packages.

Professional people delivering competitive product

David has been both key player and keen observer as the world of financial services has evolved, and the range of personal planning services expanded over recent decades. He is a member of a national, specialized network of financial security advisors focused on serving the complex needs of affluent and established Canadians.  In launching YorkStreet Financial, David has assembled a powerful team of financial professionals adept at meeting the complex financial planning requirements of our client base.

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