Business Process

Systematically different

We use a systematic approach focusing on four critical components designed to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of each plan: design, pricing, implementation and monitoring.

Throughout the entire process, we operate as a member of your team – specifically, your employee benefits partner. Once a program is designed and in place, our real work begins. We conduct introductory meetings to help your employees understand and appreciate the plan. Through regular monthly telephone contact we monitor the plan’s effectiveness and confirm that all benefits providers are fulfilling their obligations. Further along, we hold employee educational meetings that review programs and discuss financial planning ideas that could be of benefit to staff. 

Keeping with the program

Two formal client meetings are held annually. The mid-term review assesses the existing program, including plan utilization and is a forum to discuss potential plan design changes. The year-end meeting is when our comprehensive renewal report is prepared and discussed with clients. And since transparency is a cornerstone of our operation, our renewal reports are written so that clients understand each plan’s components and the factors influencing a plan’s pricing.

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